Sunday, August 6, 2023

Game Achievements

 I don't know why, but sometimes I get the urge to attempt to get all the achievements in a game, and once I start it, it's honestly really hard to stop. 

A couple weeks ago, I started playing The Henry Stickmin Collection. As I played it more, a part of me just refused to stop playing until I got all the endings and bios. So, I spent multiple days to get some badges on my Steam profile. Throughout the run, it was really hard to just stop.

Just take a look at my activity from July 8th to the 3rd of August:

I basically got 3/4 of the game's achievements in 4 days! Keep in mind that those four days, were nothing but The Henry Stickmin Collection, that's literally the ONLY thing I did.

But it's not just Henry Stickmin, I did the same thing with There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension!

Just look:

I unlocked 10 achievements in ONE day. ONE day.

Think of it like binging movies, but video game achievements. You won't stop, and you can't stop. Honestly, when you do eventually 100% some game, you just feel accomplished.

In a game called OneShot, there's an achievement where you have to play the game without closing it. OneShot takes about 1-4 hours to beat, depending on how well you know the game, and if you're speed running. I attempted to do this achievement, and it actually wasn't that hard, but if you mess up, there's no way to restart, at all. You have to go through the entire game just to restart, because of the game's plot. 

The same applies to another achievement in the game: Ram Whisperer. The achievement is given to players that solve a puzzle involving rams without having to restart the puzzle. When I attempted this achievement, I immediately made a mistake, which meant I had to play through the entire game all over again just because of that mistake.

That's all from me folks, See ya!

Monday, July 17, 2023

I can make money off this website now!

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how I kept being declined by Google Adsense, which allows me to earn money from advertisements. They said that my website was "low quality" which is true for a lot of my posts.

I noticed after I started writing lengthy articles (the itemLabel one), I got approved for AdSense. So yeah! Expect seeing ads soon!

There's some ads I can't control for some reason, like the pop up ads and the ones that roll up from the bottom of the screen.

Anyways, that's all from me folks!


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Blog Redesign In Progress!

 Hey y'all, sirkorgo here.

I've decided to redesign this blog (cuz the 90's ain't cutting it anymore.) so I'm gonna start on a new design for the blog at That's where the redesign will be (for now). Until I'm done with redesigning the blog, this blog will stay the same, and I'll be blogging here.

That's all from me folks, see ya!


I just got my new item label!

 yahoo! I just got my new OuiOui series 3 from!1 

can you guess which OuiOui it is? hint: its not the rare ones.

What Is A OuiOui?

Anyways, If you don't know what a OuiOui is, it's an itemLabel product that's the "toddler phase" of a Peepy's (another itemLabel product) life cycle. 

"These juvenile Peepys have arrived just on the precipice of self awareness. So far, they know two things- Eating peanuts and sleeping. Aren't they cute? Whatever." -OuiOui's description via

some fan art I made of LemonOui

My Other OuiOui

I have a LemonOui from when OuiOui Series 1 was in stock, the OuiOui I bought got lost in shipping and it took an extra couple weeks or two to get to my doorstep.

I'm pretty sure that LemonOui was defective? I'm saying that because this new one is a little different than the LemonOui. First of all, my LemonOui's squeaker is lower pitched than my new one. My friend's OuiOuis also have a higher pitched squeaker than my LemonOui.

My New OuiOui!

So my new OuiOui is a WhatOui! (wooooo!) If I'm going to be honest, I really wanted to get a CubeOui, but
WhatOui is really colorful! (I really like it)

 To be honest, all the Series 3 OuiOuis look cool, with the exception of ClayOui (clayoui sucks tbh)

  Also, I heard the the Series 3 secret rare is Professor Item in OuiOui form (officially known as Professor Oui)

That's all from me folks, See ya!


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

apparently having a 90’s themed blogged is against their TOS?

 So I decided to try get some revenue for this blog, but uh google Adsense won’t allow it because my website is “low quality” so uh no earnings!

That’s all folks!